We place Safety&Health as our top priority.

We have built trust by implementing the highest Safety&Health standards in various construction projects worldwide.
Based on this trust, we ensure full compliance with the following Safety&Health policies and maintain safe practice and respect for human rights.

Safety&Health Policy

Pursuing corporate activities that respect the environment & human beings and fulfilling social responsibilities

Complying with safety, health, and environment regulations of all related countries

Establishing control measures by specifying risks at all stages of project execution

Training all employees including subcontractors for the improvement of competency in safety, health, and environment

Ensuring voluntary workers participation in safety, health, and environment

Developing new technologies related to creating a safe work environment and providing eco-friendly value sub-contractors.

This Safety, Health Policy shall be publicly announced to all personnel and interested parties and communicated
at every level of the organization.
The Safety, Health Management System shall be improved continually by setting up Safety, Health objectives, establishing a Safety, Health management program and reviewing its implementation. Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd CEO BAE, PAUL
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