Environment Management

We lead the way in environmental protection.

At Daelim Industrial, we protect the environment and implement sustainable business practice based on our corporate philosophy
"Hansup" which encourages harmony and mutual prosperity. We established the following safety policy to create a Green Living Space as
part of our vision for Green Daelim and ensure more sustainable and safer business practices.

Environmental Policy

Pursue HUMANISM based on our respect for humanity.

Comply with local standards in Safety, Health, and Environment and reflect the input of stakeholders.

Minimize the negative impact on safety, health, and environment and fulfill our social responsibility

Provide a training program for all employees and partners to ensure full compliance.

Develop technologies for more efficiency safety, health, and environment practices.

We share this policy with our stakeholders and set the compliance standards while tracking our progress and implementing the necessary improvement measures on a continuous basis. Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd CEO Sang Shin Park