Technology Research & Development Institute PR Hall

Welcome to Daelim’s Technology Research & Development Institute PR Hall.

The PR Hall is the center of introducing and promoting the Daelim Technology Research Institute for the visitors of the Daejeon Architectural
Environmental Research Center (AERC). It was founded in 2010 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of AERC. Before you actually visit AERC, you can
view its history, main tasks, and major R&D achievements for about 20 minutes. The PR Center also exhibits the history of Daelim since its foundation in
1939. The records of history and tradition are displayed on the walls to show you how our company has grown and progressed. R&D achievements and
the technical products of each area are covered in the video to showcase the outstanding accomplishments of the Technology Research Institute.
We invite you to enjoy the history and future of Korea’s first Technology Research Institute for yourself.

  • Entrance to Exhibition Hall

  • History of Daelim and Daelim Technology

  • Future of Daelim and Daelim Technology

  • Introduction, vision, and history of Daelim

  • Special bridges

  • Civil engineering

  • Construction

  • Eco-friendliness

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