Daejeon AERC

Creates a future residential space geared toward zero energy consumption.

Daejeon AERC researches and tests a wide range of areas ranging from the residential environment to a civil engineering environment, to enhance our
technological competitiveness. Based on our cutting edge technology, we develop high-class products and greater value for future construction

Daejeon AERC is the country’s first institute that was established to develop construction technologies for achieving the energy independence for
multi-family houses. In addition to the existing 3L House technology, we are continuing our efforts to research and develop technologies designed for
creating zero-energy consumption residential spaces by adopting solar heat, geothermal energy, and wind power, amongst other forms of new and
renewable energy, in building eco houses.

Daejeon AERC image
Daejeon AERC
Size Three ground floors, one underground floor
Total floor area 3,200㎡
Facilities Three households in pillar-type apartments, four households with a wall structure
Applied technologies Solar heat, solar light, geothermal cooling/heating, wind power generation, fuel cells, underground ducts, natural lighting, utilization of rainwater, exterior  finishing with photo catalyst paint, floor impact sound room, natural lighting room, sound-proof performance room, lighting room,  and heat environment room
Experience facilities Floor impact sound room, natural lighting room, sound-proof performance room, lighting room, and heat environment room
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