Yongin Technology Research & Development Institute

Yongin Technology Research & Development Institute to develop high-efficiency green technology

The Environment Laboratory at Yongin Technology Development Center of Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd. owns various water-quality measuring devices
(TOC, GC, UV, HPLC, etc.) and membrane analysis equipment (FT-IR, etc.), performs a variety of water-related technology development such as sewage treatment/purification/seawater desalination, and conducts research to achieve technological solutions by handling issues in the environment site. The Technology Development Center develops high-efficiency eco-friendly technology by acquiring certification and verification of new technology for the process dual membrane filtration system, which can reduce the site area by 30% in the MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) process e-Tris II using the pressured membrane for the first time in the world in the sewage and water purification sectors and save construction cost and operating expenses by more than 10% respectively.

Yongin Technology Research & Development Institute
Yongin Technology Research & Development Institute
Size Two lab building (Purpose : Water supply/Sewage systems & Freshwater research)
Total floor area 1,039.17㎡
Facilities water supply, sewage, seawater desalination, and reuse of sewage.
Applied technologies Sludge reduction advanced sewage treatment SBR technology (e-Tris I)
Sludge reduction advanced sewage treatment MBR technology (e-Tris II)
Two-layer membrane filtration water treatment
Intelligence water supply integrated management system
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