Environment Laboratory of the Daelim Technology R&D Institute

Environment Laboratory of Technology R&D Institute for high-efficiency, eco-friendly technology development

The Environment Laboratory of the Daelim Technology R&D Institute has a variety of water quality measuring equipment (TOC, GC, UV, HPLC) and analysis devices (FT-IR), carries out water-related technology development in the sewage treatment/water treatment/seawater desalination fields, and conducts research on technical solutions to cope with problems at environmental sites. The Technology R&D Institute is developing high-efficiency, eco-friendly technologies through the following: acquisition of new technology certification; verification of the MRB (membrane bio reactor) process e-Tris II using pressurized membrane filtration method for the first time in the sewage field, including the dual membrane filtration system process by which more than 30% of the site area can be reduced in the water treatment field and more than 10% each can be saved on construction and operating costs.

Daelim Technology R&D Institute
Daelim Technology R&D Institute
Size One laboratory (use: waterworks and sewage, seawater desalination research)
Total floor area 103㎡
Details of Research Development of sewage treatment process, water treatment process, and seawater desalination process
Technologies Applied Sludge reduction-type sewage advanced treatment SBR (e-Tris I)
Sludge reduction induction tank-applied advanced treatment MBR process (e-Tris II)
Two-layer membrane filtration water treatment
Intelligent waterworks integrated management system
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