Vision & Mission

Global Technology Leader & Value Creator

Our 70 years of experience in construction gives us the expertise to develop technology that surprises the world

Daelim Technology
Research & Development Institute constantly strives to lead the construction engineering sector based on advanced technology and
create greater value. By developing technology that is far more advanced than the required standard, Daelim will lead the construction
engineering sector.

  • Icon that represents the technological competitiveness

    Securing technological
    competitiveness by
    developing strategic
    technology in connection
    with the Business Division

    In line with the Business Division’s
    strategies, we develop technological
    products to secure technological
    superiority and preempt the markets.

  • Icon that represents the value creation

    Creating value by

    We commercialize technologies, pursuing
    our vision of creating new revenue value
    by combining technology
    with product concepts.

  • Icon that represents the new growth engines

    Securing new growth
    engines by developing
    future-oriented technology

    We present the future for technology
    by pioneering new markets and
    securing new growth engines
    by developing future construction
    engineering products.