Smart/Eco Team

Green Technology & Consulting

New Biz Leader in the Eco-friendly Construction Market

The Smart/Eco Team creates world-class construction environment products and solutions by continuously developing source
technologies and establishing a worldwide network.

Innovative Solutions

  • Eco House R&D

    Eco House R&D

    • Super outside insulation technology
    • High-performance triple pane window
    • Light-weight rooftop greenery unit system
    • High-performance vacuum multi-layer glass window technology
    • Thermal bridge blocking design technology (C-House)
    • High-insulated construction technology
  • Ener House R&D

    Ener House R&D

    • Building assembled solar power generation and solar heat utilizing technology
    • Small-sized wind power generation system blade design technology
    • Technology for utilizing a geothermal heat exchanger in a building foundation structure
  • Emotion House R&D

    Emotion House R&D

    • High performance noise reduction technology for lightweight wall
    • High-performance floating floor system
    • Additional technology for VOCs reduction in materials and eco-friendly factors
  • Green Exergy System R&D

    Green Exergy System R&D

    • Design technology for contolling complex heat sources
    • Technology for controlling each room heat source and unit dew condensation
    • Design and production technology for preventing polluted air
    • Design and production technology for a wall-buried ventilation system
    • Energy effient air-conditioning, panel cooling and heating systems
    • Design technology for controlling wind power
    • Design technology for ventilation device elements
  • Smart House R&D

    Smart House R&D

    • Adaptive Control System
    • Air purifying ventilation system (H-House)
    • Conformity control system based on environmental factors (heat, light, air quality)

Representative Technologies

High-performance vacuum multi-layer glass window technology

Concept map for high-performance vacuum multi-layered glass Applied to the main building of KEPCO E&C


  • 2 This high-performance window forms a vacuum layer between two layers of glass and maximizes heat and sound insulation performance by fundamentally blocking heat delivery and sound (sound save) by means of conduction and convection.


  • Improves quality by securing world-class insulation performance

Applied projects

  • Applied air-conditioning and heating zero-energy subsidiary unit to ePyunhansesang Yongsan Singye
  • Applied air-conditioning and heating zero-energy subsidiary unit to ePyunhansesang Gwanggyo
  • Applied the technology to the main building of KEPCO E&C

Patent &

  • Patent No. 10-0925216 : Vacuum multi-layer glass
  • Green Technology No. GT-13-00192 : High-performance vacuum multi-layer glass window technology

Thermal bridge blocking design technology (C-House)

C-House flat Analysis of the effects of condensation prevention


  • Minimizes thermal bridge parts and ensures a zero level of dew condensation by continuous insulation construction.


  • Improves quality and prevents defects due to condensation

Applied projects

  • ePyunhansesang Gumi-Gyori
  • ePyunhansesang Gwangju Station, etc.

High-performance floating floor system

60mm floor buffer material Room Mode realization simulation


  • Technology with floor buffer materials reduces noise in the living room on lower floors due to floor impact sound in multi-unit dwellings


  • Performance for blocking floor impact sound: Weight impact sound Level 1-2/Lightweight impact sound Level 1

Applied projects

  • Acro River Park Banpo
  • ePyunhansesang Hwarangdae, etc.

Patent &

  • Patent No. 10-2015-0031027 : EVA components as buffer materials for apartment floor noise

Air purifying ventilation system (H-House)

Air purifying ventilation system concept map Air purifying combination mode Ventilation bypass mode


  • Air purifying mode/outdoor air mode and on/off control triggered by ultra-fine particles (dust of 2.5μm and over) in an apartment complex and indoor CO2 concentration


  • Improves performance for collecting ultra-fine particles and enhances the indoor air environment

Applied projects

  • ePyunhansesang Terrace Opo

Patent &

  • Patent No. 10-2015-0126226 : Ventilation System with Air Filter and Bypass Route, and Ventilating Method using such System
  • Patent No. 10-2015-0000569 : Air purifying ventilation system and its controlling methods

Technology for utilizing a geothermal heat exchanger in a building foundation structure

Ground Heat Exchanger Concept Map Pgoto of Construction Pgoto of Construction


  • This technology uses the foundation to support a building with a geothermal heat exchanger. All year long, it utilizes a stable and regular geothermal heat source for air-conditioning and heating energy for the building without separate drilling to install the exchanger.


  • Enhances constructability and efficiency in heat exchange

Applied projects

  • Pyeongtaek U.S. military camp
  • ePyunhansesang Gwanggyo, Suwon
  • AIA Tower (Sunhwa-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul)

Patent &

  • Patent No. 1009417310000 : Geothermal heat exchange system and its construction method
  • Patent No. 1010030430000 : Supply pipe of a geothermal heat exchanger
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