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Innovative Solutions

  • Foundation R&D

    Foundation R&D

    • Evaluation of bearing capacity of foundations
    • Optimization of foundation design
    • Reinforcement of bearing capacity of piles
    • Evaluation of characteristics of IGM grounds
    • Design and reinforcement of foundations with different types
    • Limit state design of foundations
  • Underground space
    /Tunnel R&D

    Underground space, Tunnel R&D

    • 2D stability analysis
    • 3D analysis with construction stages
    • Construction management of underground space and tunnel
    • Design and construction management of TBM tunnel
    • Rapid construction method of NATM tunnel
    • Segment ling with steel fiber
  • Ports, Marine and Water Resource R&D

    Coastal port and water resource R&D

    • Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis for rivers
    • Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis for dams
    • Numerical modelling of water infrastructures
    • Numerical modelling of coastal hydrodynamics including wave, current and turbulance scales
    • Groundwater seepage analysis
  • IT Fusion R&D

    IT convergence R&D

    • Web-based integrated ground monitoring system
    • Web-based rock evaluation system with photogrammetry
    • Design and construction of web-based data analysis function
    • System design for web-based control and monitoring
    • DB design for web-based systems

Representative Technologies

Mega foundation

Mega foundation 01 Mega foundation 02 Mega foundation 03 Mega foundation 04


  • Cost-saving foundation to support the load of large structures in a stable manner


  • Cost-saving and reducing the construction period for foundation construction, reinforcing bearing capacity of foundation

Applied projects

  • Brunei Sungai Bridge, Busan Angol Bridge, Donghae Nambu Line, Poseung Pyeongtaek Railway, Honam KTX Line, etc.

Patent &

  • Patent No. 10-0847096 : The process of ground investigation and the evaluation method for bearing capacity of pile foundation using driving cone penetrometer test(DCPT)
  • Patent No. 10-0992751 : The attachment of hollow pile for pile tip grouting, and the method reinforcing the end bearing capacity of pile foundation using pile tip grouting
  • Patent No. 10-1069815 : The attachment of drilled shaft for post grouting at pile tip, and the method reinforcing the end bearing capacity of pile foundation using post grouting at pile tip
  • Patent No. 10-1011013 : The test device to evaluate the bearing capacity and settlement of foundation by attaching the standard penetration test equipment, and the evaluation method of bearing capacity and settlement of foundation using this device
  • Patent No. 10-1086190 : Construction method for different foundations reducing the differential settlement
  • Patent No. 10-1294243 : The end shoe device for precast concrete hollow pile to inject grouting and prevent pile damage, and construction process of precast concrete pile attaching this end shoe device
  • Patent No. 10-1152265 : The prestressed drilled shaft, and the construction process of prestressed drilled shaft
  • Patent No. 10-0990201 : The variable excavation hammer to expand the excavation hole at pile tip

Low cost and rapid tunnel construction technology

  • NATM tunnel:High-efficiency blast pattern
  • Shield TBM tunnel:Steel fiber reinforcement segment
  • Bedrock type TBM tunnel:H-beam pressure device


  • Technology that enhances the excavation efficiency of NATM tunnel (blast excavation) by applying a high-efficiency blast pattern and reduces the support of TBM tunnel by applying an H-beam system that uses a pressure device(Bedrock type TBM tunnel) and applying a steel fiber reinforcement segment lining(Shield TBM tunnel).


  • Reduces the construction period and cost

Applied projects

  • Busan Ring Expressway, Donghongcheon-Yangyang Expressway, etc.

Patent &

  • Patent No. 10-1000570 : Tunnel high speed excavating method using center-cut hole double charge and dispersing charge
  • Patent No. 10-0936630 : Stemming device for blast holes
  • Patent No. 10-2013005-9049 : Pressurized ring beam for tunnel stability and installing method of pressurized ring beam
  • Patent No. 10-2013-0130475 : Reduction of water separating type backfill composite into rear cavity of tunnel

Wave-power generation system development

Review for the cross section of optimal wave-power generation Breakwater applied for Marine Energy Section at Jeju Outport Breakwater


  • A system to generate electricity using wave-power at a vertical breakwater composed of immersed water channel and water chamber


  • Generating electricity using rotators at a breakwater by wave-energy, which is the most notable new energy system

Applied projects

  • Jeju Outport Breakwater (Caisson with wave-power generation facilities)

Patent &

  • Patent No. 10-0748369 : Breakwater for generating electricity using rotator whirlpool in space of running water

IT-based integrated ground measuring system


  • A web- and mobile-based system which collects, manages, verifies and analyzes ground monitoring data and issues warnings in real time


  • Securing quality and safety by strengthening on-site management

Applied projects

  • Hansup e-Pyunhansesang, Sihwa Zone 3, Busan Angol Bridge, etc.

Patent &

  • Program Registration 2011-01-155-003911 : IT-based integrated ground monitoring system