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Personal Information Collection Statement

  • At Daelim, we collect your personal information so we can answer your questions in an accurate and timely manner. Please read the following terms and conditions for the collection and use of your personal information and provide your consent.
  • 1. Purpose of Collection: identification, complaint handling and notification
  • 2. Personal Information
    • - Required: subject matter, name and email address
    • - Optional: contact info. (mobile phone number)
  • 3. Period of Retention & Use
    • - 6 months after collection
  • 4. Consequence of Consent/Refusal
    • - You may not be able use the service if you refuse to give your consent to the collection of your personal information.
  • 5. Restricted use
    • - Customers under the age of 14 can not use 'Contact Us'
  • 6. Request for withdrawal, reading, correction, suspension of processing, and deletion of consent for personal information collection
    • - email:

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