Daelim Completes Construction of Brunei’s Temburong Bridge

DATE 2019.11.27

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Daelim Completes Construction of Brunei’s Temburong Bridge

Brunei Temburong Bridge completed by Daelim 

Daelim announced on Nov. 27 that it completed the construction of Temburong Bridge, Brunei’s longest bridge. This project is the largest bridge construction project in Brunei’s history, and the total construction cost was KRW 2 trillion. The Temburong Bridge project was ordered with 4 construction sections. Daelim received the KRW 750 billion order for the construction of 2 sections — the marine bridge and the cable-stayed bridge — in 2015. Thanks to the 30km-long Temburong Bridge, the Muara District and Temburong District situated on opposite sides of Brunei Bay have been connected.

Temburong Bridge is a super-long bridge at 30km long. The marine bridge part is a whopping 14.5km on the ocean. The marine bridge, whose size is similar to Korea’s Incheon Bridge, was built by Daelim. The general-type marine bridge section is 13.65km long, and the rest consists of a cable-stayed bridge. The main tower supporting the cable-stayed bridge is shaped like an “A” and is well-known for its outstanding design.

Temburong Bridge connects all areas of Brunei, which is expected to promote balanced national growth. In particular, Brunei is expected to develop Brunei Bay into an international logistics port. The Temburong and Muara districts are on the east and west, respectively, and it took 3~4 hours by car on the existing road and 1~2 hours by ship to reach each side. With the completion of Temburong Bridge, however, it will take only 20 minutes by car.

Currently Korea, China, and Japan are fiercely competing for the global special bridge market. This project is meaningful since Daelim won the project in competition with Chinese companies based on technological capability rather than price and Brunei’s trust in Korean construction companies. In the bidding, Chinese companies ranked 1st ~ 3rd, and Daelim, which offered the highest price, was at 4th place only. Nonetheless, Daelim succeeded in winning the order by presenting an alternative to the special construction method with the construction period reduction that the client emphasized and differentiated design.

Daelim is making full-fledged efforts to develop overseas special bridge markets. It became the sixth company in the world to attain technological independence through the construction of Yi Sun-sin Bridge, the world’s fourth long suspension bridge connecting Yeosu and Gwangyang, in 2013. Brunei is the overseas market that Daelim entered first after achieving technological independence for marine special bridge. Based on this, Daelim succeeded in winning the longest suspension bridge project (Turkey) in the world in competition with Japanese companies last year. In Turkey, the KRW 3.5 trillion Canakkale Bridge is currently being built with Daelim’s technological capabilities.


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