Control Home with Words

DATE 2019.11.26

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Control Home with Words

Models are manipulating the smart home functions
through Google Assistant-installed smartphones and Google Home speakers.

Daelim showcases the smart home by which one’s home can be controlled through linkage between Google Assistant and Home Network, the first-ever Korean construction company to do so. APT residents can use various functions connected with the home network through a smartphone or a voice-recognition speaker by briefly speaking. Lighting, heating, and standby power interruption outlet can now be controlled. Daelim plans to expand the service to calling an elevator, preventing crime, and querying the energy use amount in the near future.

Google Assistant is the AI (artificial intelligence) platform provided by Google. If the user says what he/she wants to say to a smartphone or the voice-recognition speaker “Google Home,” he/she can control IoT devices/equipment. Currently, more than 10,000 IoT products including air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, and robot cleaners can be controlled with voice commands. Google Assistant can be used on Android, iOS, and smartphone.

Daelim set the smart home development direction so that APT residents can use the home network system more easily and conveniently. Daelim decided to use the smartphones and AI voice-recognition speakers that the residents have, instead of using other individual companies’ voice recognition systems with low compatibility or application development. To this end, Daelim has completed the linkage with Google Assistant and Naver’s AI platform “Clover” alongside Daelim Corporation.

Daelim plans to expand the service for smart home implementation through various AI platforms. Daelim will apply the home network linkage system to e-Pyunhan Sesang Geoje Euro Island first, and then expand the smart home-applied APT complexes continuously.
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