Daelim Hosts Hansup Partners’ Day

DATE 2019.12.04

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Daelim Hosts Hansup Partners’ Day  

Daelim and partner firms have time to communicate together.

The Daelim Construction Division hosted the Hansup Partners’ Day event at Glad Hotel in Yeouido on December 4. The event was planned to promote harmony and win-win growth with the partner firms on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Daelim Foundation. Some 200 major partner firms’ CEOs and executives as well as Daelim CEO Bae Won-Bok attended the event. “We will do our very best to practice win-win growth based on fair trade culture settlement and faithful enforcement of the win-win cooperation policy through this event,” Daelim CEO Bae said.

Daelim selects the 19 best partner firms with the most excellent cooperative relationships among the partner firms each year as Hansup Best Partners and offers a 50% reduction of the contract performance guarantee rate for new contracts for one year as incentive. Daelim also gave 1 million welfare points that can be used at the Win-Win Growth Mall to all partner firms attending the Hansup Partners’ Day event. The Win-Win Growth Mall is a closed online mall supporting the sales channel development of excellent small and medium businesses’ products. Daelim adopted it for the first time as a construction company, and executives and employees are using the mall.

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