Daelim Bags KRW 483 Billion Brunei Temburong Bridge Construction Project

DATE 2015.02.05

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Daelim Bags KRW 483 Billion Brunei Temburong Bridge Construction Project

View of Temburong Bridge

Daelim announced on February 5, 2015 that it bagged the KRW 483 billion Section 2 Temburong Bridge Construction Project, a state project ordered by the Brunei government. The contract signing ceremony was held in Brunei’s capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, on February 4, 2015, with the Minister of Brunei, Korean ambassador to Brunei Cho Won-Myoung, and Daelim CEO Kim Dong-su in attendance.

The project is being propelled by the Brunei government to grow Brunei Bay into an international logistics port as well as to promote the balanced national development of Brunei. As the biggest bridge construction project in the history of Brunei, it is expected to cost a total of KRW 2 trillion. Temburong Bridge will connect the Muara region and Temburong region, which flank Brunei Bay. The project consists of five sections, and Daelim will construct the sea bridge spanning 13.65km as the longest section. The construction duration is 45 months.

The Korean government’s assistance played a huge role in winning the project. At the Korea-Brunei Summit Talks held in Brunei in October 2013, President Park Geun-hye appealed for the Brunei government’s cooperation and interest so that Korean companies can participate in the country’s bridge construction project. When Brunei’s Sultan Bolkiah made a state visit to Korea in December 2014, President Park again asked for his interest and support so that Korean companies can take part in Brunei’s state project.

Daelim has been successfully penetrating the overseas special sea bridge market based on its technological independence when it comes to cable-stayed bridges and suspension bridges. 
Daelim’s technology prowess is recognized by Brunei clients, having successfully completed Sungai Brunei Bridge, the largest-scale cable-stayed bridge in Brunei. In particular, the Temburong Project carries huge meaning since Daelim won the project after competing with a Chinese company based on technological prowess rather than on price. Daelim expects to win an additional project for the Temburong Bridge Project in Brunei.  

 “We have been successful in penetrating the overseas market, based on our differentiated special bridge technical prowess enhanced by our experience of constructing Seohae Bridge and Lee Sun-Shin Bridge. We plan to enter actively the special sea b
ridge market led by some European and Japanese advanced companies using Daelim’s Korean-style special sea bridge technology,“ Daelim CEO Kim Dong-su explained.