ePyunhansesang Apartment Complex picture
  • What is a house?

    A person who builds a house and a person who lives in it should share their ideas about the house. Daelim focuses on the idea of ‘House = Family = Person’ to create a better house.

    Making a parking space 10㎝ wider for more convenience, creating Orange lobby for more privacy for those who live on the first floor….. With ePyunhansesang, Korea's first premium apartment brand, we hold the quality of life as our priority.


    Apartment is

  • A picture paints the wall and child
  • A picture the entrance Orange lobby
  • Photos holding the appearance of the house of art
  • What kind of house do we need?

    Providing an ecologically healthy living space where there are no carbon emissions, ePyunhansesang builds for the future with minimum environmental impact. With an aim to create living space that is most practical and convenient, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction will continue.

    [Our Priority] Strange Company

    "Do you change the flowerpot?"
    The customer is surprised to discover what the ePyunhansesang Orange Service does.
    "Yes. Just give us a call when you want to get something done."
    From cleaning lampshades, windows, disinfecting beds to washing gas stoves, the service does almost everything. Orange Service is Daelim's new customer satisfaction service. It includes bake-out which uses heat to remove harmful air and odors from a new house and creating wheelchair/stroller-friendly space. It shows how Daelim puts the quality of life and customer satisfaction above everything else.

Picture shows the hand and child and parent
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