Basics Completes Innovation, DAELIM

The corporate identity of Daelim Group is designed in bold, capital English letters and symbolizes
its commitment to innovation and pioneering spirit.
The watermark designed to give a sense of modernity and the company’s strong global presence
with an elegant blue color expressing its vision for the future.



Korea’s First Classic APT Brand, e-Pyunhan Sesang

The “e” in e-Pyunhan Sesang means experience, and the orange cloud symbolizes prime comfort.
The e-Pyunhan Sesang is based on Daelim’s business philosophy of “Basics completes Innovation”
Daelim strives to offer unique, comfortable homes where anybody can live for a long time as well
as the most convenient, comfortable residential spaces that suit the contemporary age.


Matchless Residential Collection ACRO that Everybody Wants to Own

As a high-end residential brand added with high quality and grace together with rarity, ACRO
presents new standards for premium residence. It breaks the existing APT rules by presenting
peculiar philosophy and strict criteria and designing in line with customers’ preference and
discerning eye.