The corporate identity of Daelim Group is designed in bold, capital English letters and symbolizes its
commitment to innovation and pioneering spirit.

The watermark designed to give a sense of modernity and the company’s strong global presence with
an elegant blue color expressing its vision for the future.


  • DAELIM Blue

    Spot : Pantone 289

    Process : C100 / M65 / Y0 / K65

    RGB Web : R27 / G46 / B90

  • DAELIM Gray

    Spot : Pantone Cool Gray 11

    Process : C0 / M0 / Y0 / K70

    RGB Web : R102 / G102 / B102

  • DAELIM Light Gray

    Spot : Pantone Cool Gray 8

    Process : C0 / M0 / Y0 / K40

    RGB Web : R161/ G161 / B161



The letter "e" in ePyunhansesang refers to "experience" as it pursues the highest level of quality and
The brand symbol is an orange cloud.
This symbol represents a place where you can relax your mind and body, and where your family can
share happiness and lead an energetic life. It symbolizes the company’s commitment to creating the
most comfortable living environment.


  • Orange

    Joy, New, Future-oriented

    PANTONE 716C C0 / M60 / Y100 / R232 / G126 / B0

  • Brown

    Nature, Sincerity, Elegance

    PANTONE 7589C C0 / M45 / Y70 / K80 / R92 / G70 / B55


ACRO symbolizes the promise to create a premium quality living environment.
It is the premium brand of Daelim Industrial, which delivers the highest level of comfort and value.